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Riding Lessons

Blue Nile Farm offers riding lessons designed to build rider confidence and make the riding experience positive and fun. Lessons are tailored to first-time horse owners or to anyone interested in learning to ride. Whether your interests are in Western Pleasure, English, Dressage, Contesting or Trail Riding, Blue Nile will work with you to develop skills and rider confidence to meet your specific needs.

Blue Nile Farm believes that riders and horses need to build a connection. Every time you ride or handle a horse you are training them and developing a good foundation. This is beneficial to both preventing problems with your horse and in correcting pre-existing problems making the riding experience more enjoyable. We strive to meet your needs from the ground up and improve existing riding skills.

Topics which may be covered based on your needs/desires:
• Basic horse care and feeding
• Grooming, washing and clipping
• Horse handling and leading on the ground
• Saddling and bridling (English or Western) including an explanation of bits
• De-spooking and building horse confidence on the ground and under saddle
• Groundwork sensitization and desensitization exercises to maintain control
• Control under saddle including the walk, back-up, sitting trot, posting trot, and
  canter (lope) using both the legs and hands
• Understanding and performing the one rein stop to avoid the loss of control and
  lessening the likelihood of injury to the rider and/or horse
• Understanding and performing lateral flexion exercises to obtain vertical flexion
  which is desired in most disciplines
• Use of riders legs to control the horse at the shoulders, midsection, and
  hindquarters for different maneuvers or lateral work
• Introduction to jumping and pole work

Once a student has a good foundation and desires to advance in a specific discipline, we will be happy to guide you to the right riding instructor for advancement.

Cost: Private Lesson $40.00 per hour
Semi-private Lesson (two riders) $35.00 per hour
Group Lesson (three or more riders) $30.00 per hour

Blue Nile Farm offers a “Train the Trainer” program including riding lessons, groundwork and under saddle training for individuals who own their horse(s) and are willing to travel to the farm or board at our facility.

Blue Nile Farm knows there is nothing better than riding a horse that is well-trained and soft in the bridle. As a horse owner, each time you ride you are training your horse. We will teach you methods to meet your specific needs and goals both on the ground and in the saddle. You will continue to practice and master the exercise on your own until you meet your desired goals.

The following are some of the lessons offered:

  Under Saddle
• One rein stops at the walk, trot, and canter
• Yielding of the hindquarters
• Side passing and two tracking
• Lateral flexion leading to vertical flexion for softness without the use of harsh bits
• Exercises for better control of the shoulders
• Getting the right leads
• Desensitization exercises building confidence of the horse
• Circle control at trot and canter
• Speed management
• Backing
• Better transitions from walk, trot, and canter
• Confidence riding on a loose rein to develop a better seat and balance

• Lunging for respect
• Yielding of hindquarters and shoulders
• Desensitization to bags, tarps, gunshots, ropes, etc.
• Lateral flexion
• Trailer loading techniques
• Rollbacks
• Backing exercises
• Join-up exercises and round penning
• Leading exercises
• Side passing
• Moving away from pressure
• Different bitting systems for the horse to give to pressure
• Long-lining and line driving

Cost: $50 per hour (individual instruction)

Horse must be current on all shots and vaccinations with a negative coggins

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