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Blue Nile Farm is a Full Care Facility which includes:  

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  • Stalls cleaned

  • Feeding hay twice a day (3 flakes per feeding)

  • Feeding grain 2x a day (approximately 5 lbs. total -12 percent from Rome Feed)

  • Senior Feed available

  • Heated water buckets during winter months

  • Outlets

  • Matted stalls

  • Stalls stripped when necessary. Usually once a week

  • Daily turnout

  • Fresh water daily

All this for $325.00 per month. You definitely get what you pay for at Blue Nile Farm - our facility offers lots of nice amenities.
Why settle for less when you donít get a chance to enjoy your horse!!!

Lay Ups
and Equine Retirement Packages are also available.
They all include the standard full care package with additional services available and customization to suit the needs of each horse. For horses permanently placed here under a retirement package, the owner will receive a digital photograph of their horse e-mailed to them once a month.

Our Wash Facilities have
Hot and Cold Water



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