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Training Services

There is no greater satisfaction than changing the mind and attitude of a horse into an equine partner. Not only will we train the horse, but the owner, to maintain the respect of the horse. Colt starting involves both ground work, sensitization and desensitization techniques. Colts will be able to walk, trot, canter/lope, and backup within 90 days. They will be respectful on the ground. Obtaining a good foundation makes future training so much easier regardless of the discipline.

There are so many ways to train a horse. Blue Nile Farm believes in Natural Horsemanship in both training and handling horses which has proven successful.

Everything starts on the ground. Regardless if your horse has bad manners, refuses to move forward, has issues with trailer loading, or no respect for people, ground work will definitely impact your horse. Whether your horse needs a tune-up or miles, we find that ground work will improve the horse’s attitudes and willingness.

Training costs will include:
$325.00 for full care board +
$325.00 for training per month
Total training will be $650.00 per month

One month of ground work training will improve the horse’s attitude and performance. We recommend horses that are colt started are here for three months minimum to receive the maximum benefits from training. Trailer loading and horse refreshing may take less time and will be prorated.

Interested in achieving greater capability and handling with your horse? Contact us today.



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